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    G T Adjustable Shocks G T Adjustable Shocks W/Remote Hand Held Wireless Kit Balance Masters Tire Balancing System
    G T Adjustable ShocksG T Adjustable Shocks W/Remote Hand Held Wireless KitBalance Masters Tire Balancing System

    G T Manual & Remotely Adjustable Shock Absorbers for Hummer H1.  These come as a manually adjustable shock, however you can purchase the Wireless, Hand Held, Remote Adjustable Kit at a later date if you prefer, for $399.95.

    G T Adjustable Shocks with Wireless Hand Held Remote Kit and The Best Deal because you save over $100 by Purchasing the Kit and Shock Set together.  Plus you won't have to go back and R & R the shocks again to install the Remote Kit.

    Balance Masters® offers a clear solution to the challenge of better performance for your Hummer . Any out-of-balance condition in the wheel-tire assembly creates uneven tire wear, reducing tire life. Balance Masters® will prevent this...